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Clones & Plant-Care

Eve & Co Clones – What you Need to Know

Due to provincial legislation, recreational product offerings vary from province-to-province as each province sets the rules on whether home growing is permitted.  Currently, Newfoundland & Labrador is the only province to have listed our plants for sale to adult-use customers looking to grow plants at home. Therefore, Eve is unable to offer the sale of Cannabis plants to other provinces for recreational Cannabis at this time.

We are currently working closely with the territorially and provincially authorized distributors and retailers to expand our product offerings to Canadian adults. We encourage you to visit our website for updates regarding the availability of Eve & Co products in additional provinces. 

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us and I will be more than happy to assist.

Plant Care Instructions

Please follow these guidelines to ensure the health of your plant.


Carefully unpack your clones as soon as you receive them.  Note that there is no concern if the light has gone out, as the light would have been on sufficiently long within the expedited shipping timelines. Remove the plant from the packaging, taking care to keep the plant’s roots within the black pot.


Place the plants in a well-lit space, for example, in a south side window to receive the best light in a well-lit room or place under grow lights, as the plant must receive at least 16 hours of light to ensure it stays in a vegetative state.


If the plant has dried out during shipping, place the pots on a saucer to collect any drips and give each plant approximately 100ml of water. Do not overwater the plant i.e. a significant amount of water runs out of the bottom.


Upon unpacking, if any of the plants seem to be damaged, please take a picture and send the photo by email to on the same day that you received the package. Our customer service department will address any concerns of possible damage.


Never let your plant freeze.  Not only should it be unpacked immediately, it should be placed in an area with room temperatures of 20-25 degrees Celsius.


Replant your clone within approximately 7 days of receiving it, into at least a 2-gallon pot. Use new, high-quality soil that is peat or coir based, which does not contain compost or excessive organic fertilizer. Fill the pot loosely (do not pack) to allow for proper air flow. Dig a hole in the new soil large enough for the root ball. Plant the root ball so the soil of the root ball is level with the new soil.  Water the new plant with approximately 500ml of clear water. Do not water again until you see that the plant soil is starting to dry (approximately 3-7 days).


Do not immediately fertilize your plant. There will be enough starter fertilizer charge in the media and you do not want to cause fertilizer burn.  Approximately 2 weeks after replanting, feed your plants using a high quality commercial or organic fertilizer.  Follow the fertilizer manufacturer’s recommendations for mixing.  Start with a mix of fertilizer that is on the lower range of concentration as listed on the label.  Fertilize at least weekly.

As the plant grows, increase the fertilizer concentration and frequency.