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The Advocate

The Advocate possess an unwavering support for others, acting as champion
and promoter. With a brave and thoughtful spirit, The Advocate truly stands up
for the greater good. But don’t be deceived by their genuine kindness,
The Advocate is also determined and courageous in the face of adversity.

The Advocate

Blackberry Gum
THC 16-22% CBD <1%

The Advocate by Eve & Co is an indica-dominant strain. Each flower is greenhouse-grown in Southwestern, Ontario and is hang-dried, machine-trimmed and hand-finished to maintain optimal taste, flavour and quality. Its aroma is a berry and candy-like thanks to the beta-caryophyllene and humulene in its terpene mix. The Advocate is available pre-rolled and in several dried flower weights. Available for purchase in Newfoundland & Labrador, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.


5 x 0.5 gram pre-rolls

Dried Flower

 3.5 gram jar

The Advocate