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The Adventurer

The Adventurer is bold, ambitious and has a fearless attitude towards taking risks.
You can’t stop The Adventurer from exploring the world; they seek out adventure at
every turn and are restless being in one spot for a long time. Feeling brave?
Join The Adventurer on a daring and gutsy journey!

The Adventurer

Hybrid Strain
THC 14-20% CBD <1%

The Adventurer by Eve & Co is a hybrid strain with a strong THC potency potential. Each flower is greenhouse-grown in Southwestern, Ontario and is hang-dried, machine-trimmed and hand-finished to maintain optimal taste, flavour and quality. Its aroma is earthy, piney, and woody, thanks to the beta-caryophyllene and myrcene in its terpene mix. The Adventurer is available pre-rolled and in several dried flower weights. Available for purchase in Newfoundland & Labrador, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.


5 x 0.5 gram pre-rolls

Dried Flower

1 gram jar  |  3.5 gram jar |  7 gram jar