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Eve’s Take on International Women’s Day 2021 – Karen

March 8, 2021

Meet Karen, who is the Team Lead on the Sanitation Team!

Please tell us about your role at Eve & Co.

I make sure everything stays clean from ceilings to walls to floors, which is very important for quality control especially during Covid.

The theme for IWD 2021 is “Choose to Challenge”, what do you choose to challenge?

I choose to challenge the need for education at an early age for women.

Who is one of your role models?

My sister, she has three kids who are now grown, but as a single mom she had no problems handling that. She put herself through school, she raised her kids, she became a professional working woman and now even teaches others. She’s my best friend and I’m so proud of her.

What does it mean to empower women to you?

To me, it means supporting programs that encourage female leadership and inspiration at an early age, helping girls understand that they’re able and capable.

If you could leave one piece of advice, a quote or a message to woman-kind, what would it be?

To know your strength is to know your weakness, and don’t let anyone put you down. You are powerful!