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Eve’s Take on International Women’s Day 2021 – Barb

March 12, 2021

Meet Barb, The Harvest Team Supervisor here at Eve & Co.

Please tell us about your role at Eve & Co.

I ensure my team works efficiently and in an organized and competent way to accomplish the tasks set out for them. We prepare the plants for other divisions within Eve.

The theme for IWD 2021 is “Choose to Challenge”, what do you choose to challenge?

I choose to challenge the stereotypes of women, feeling the need to fit in, and the general stereotypical gender roles for women.

Who is one of your role models?

Without question, my mother, she is the strongest, most independent woman I know. If I can be half the woman she is, I know I’ll be ok.

What does it mean to empower women to you?

For me it means women standing together and being taken seriously around the world. It means supporting and encouraging women to be granted high achieving rolls in the workplace and moving away from deliberate general roles.

If you could leave one piece of advice, a quote or a message to woman-kind, what would it be?

A woman who knows what she brings to the table, is not afraid to eat alone.