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Canada’s Premiere Cannabis Brand For All Women.

We are Eve.

We are female-led farmers of cannabis who pride ourselves on growing the most beautiful flower in Canada.

The Future (of Cannabis) is Female.

Meet Eve – Canada’s leading cannabis producer that’s not your garden-variety brand.

Calling one of the largest Southwestern Ontario cannabis greenhouses home, a bouquet of experienced boss-women work to ensure there’s not a seed of a doubt about the difference the cannabis plant can make in the lives of females.

We offer products to awaken what excites, enhances and balances your everyday. And, when it comes to self-care and stigma-free indulgence, we stay firmly planted in an unshakable belief:

Ladies, first.

Investment - Grow with Us.

Eve is a premier, female-focused cannabis brand in the Canadian market. Eve expects to provide educational information and online support for its customers and first-time buyers. Eve will also work through market outreach and education to destigmatize cannabis consumption among women.


Natural Leaders in Quality Flower

Since the very beginning, we’ve produced our plants using natural sunlight. With over 1,000,000 square feet of greenhouse space in Southwestern Ontario, we cultivate the finest flower while staying rooted in excellence.

About Eve